The 5 Best Coffee Beans for Pour-Over [2022 Review]


Real Good Coffee Co French Roast Extra Dark

Best Budget

Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean

Ever wondered why coffee has a different taste when you buy it from different places? Or why the one your sister makes just doesn’t have the same flavor as your mom’s? Well, to help you solve the mystery, here is the simple answer. The taste of coffee differs due to the different methods and coffee beans you use.

As more and more people get convinced every day, the best method is the pour-over. Not only does it create a final product with a unique taste, it also provides an interesting brewing experience. 

The magical steam that rises while you’re pouring over hot water through the coffee grounds alone is enough to wake you up. But what if you copy the same pour-over method and don’t end up with the desired taste? Then you’ll need to experiment with various types of coffee beans. 

We’ve narrowed down a list of coffee beans for pour-overs that give an incredible flavor every time. These are the most in-demand products, so you are guaranteed to love them.

#1 Pick

Score 8.6OUT OF 10

Real Good Coffee Co French Roast Extra Dark
Real Good Coffee Co French Roast Extra Dark
Score 9OUT OF 10
Best Budget

Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean
Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean
Score 8.6OUT OF 10
Bulletproof The Mentalist Whole Bean Coffee
Bulletproof The Mentalist Whole Bean Coffee
Score 9.2OUT OF 10
Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend
Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend
Score 9.4OUT OF 10

1. Volcanica Ethiopian Coffee

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
Volcanica Ethiopian Coffee

The producers of Volcania grow their coffee beans at a very high altitude. The soil there is ideal for growing the coffee beans as they are nutrient-filled. The higher elevation delays the maturation process allowing them to absorb healthy growth. The result is their unique flavored coffee beans.

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans are medium roasted, but they make an incredible coffee with a satisfying acidity level. It gives off multiple flavors like strawberry, dark chocolate, sugarcane, and lavender with less bitterness in your drink. This completely organic and fruity flavored coffee will give maximum smoothness and a rich taste when made by the pour-over method.


  • Brilliantly acidic
  • Smooth texture and richness in flavor
  • Made organically
  • The complexity of unique flavors

  • Not recommended for dark coffee lovers

2. Real Good Coffee Co French Roast Extra Dark

Score 9 OUT OF 10
Real Good Coffee Co French Roast Extra Dark

Real Good Coffee, a Seattle-based company, has multiple flavors to offer. Although these coffee beans lack any fruity taste, it does provide a slightly sweet aftertaste. However, this dark french roast is ideal for those who prefer extra dark coffee.

The pour-over method extracts maximum oil from your coffee beans. So, Real Good Coffee is the perfect choice as their beans are heavily flavored and full of nutrients. It also delivers packs of light and medium roasted beans. So people with different preferences can all enjoy the boldness of their coffee.


  • Excessive oil amounts
  • Dark blend with a hint of sweetness
  • Light and medium roast is also available

  • Lacks fruity flavors
  • A bit expensive

3. Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean

Often, people drink excessive amounts of coffee, which negatively affects their health. Well, with this option at hand, you can savor the great cup of coffee without any guilt. Lifeboost Coffee does the job by procuring a small number of arabica beans and carefully processing them. They are produced in a very organic and pure manner to be highly beneficial for health.

The coffee you make with these beans has low acid levels and is free of mycotoxins that are responsible for certain risk factors. These compounds in food and drinks result in hypertension, brain damage, and even cancer.

The pour-over brew enhances the purity and flavors of this coffee even further. The medium roast allows for a balanced drink with a nutty taste and berry sweetness accompanied by the chocolaty flavor.


  • Beneficial for health
  • Medium roast for smoothness
  • A perfect blend of flavors

  • Not a strong aroma
  • High on price range

4. Bulletproof The Mentalist Whole Bean Coffee

Score 9.2 OUT OF 10
Bulletproof The Mentalist Whole Bean Coffee

This coffee bean is a whole package in itself. From being produced at high altitudes with a dark flavor to being beneficial for health, you’ll need to look no further. The Bulletproof coffee beans are protected from toxins as they go through strict testing under its standard.

With their low levels of oil and acid, these coffee beans will help you with your weight control approach and in your keto diet. Additional elements such as octane oil will boost your mental energy. It is no doubt a perfect cup of coffee to start the daily routine that will keep you motivated and focused the whole day.


  • Meets all the quality standards
  • Low on carbs and free of toxins
  • The incredible roasting process that removes the oily texture

  • The flavor could take some time to get used to

5. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend

Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend

Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend is a combination of coffee beans from all over the world. This gives them a unique flavor that many have tried to make but failed. The company claims to provide an unbeatable mixture of various flavors, and rightfully so.

Peet coffee beans are perfect for the pour-over method. They are extremely rich in flavor that results in an incomparable smoothness and a dark blend. They make sure to provide you with freshness in their roast and mark the dates on every pack to keep you aware as well. Where the beans are affordable, they can certainly compete with the expensive brands because of the high-quality ingredients they use.


  • Available in all three types of roast
  • Use beans are grown in different parts of the world
  • Less bitterness with a unique taste and aroma
  • The printed roast date on every pack

  • Not a consistent blend

How to Choose the Right Coffee Beans for Pour-Over — A Full Guide

If you’re new to this method, you might be unaware of how coffee beans can affect the overall flavor. Since there’s a list of options to choose from, the process can be pretty daunting if you lack the basic knowledge. But don’t worry because we’re here to make things simpler for you. With this guide, you’ll find out all there is to know on how to choose the perfect coffee beans,

Freshness of Coffee

With the pour-over method, the main objective is to extract maximum flavor and aroma from your coffee. Therefore, you should avoid store-bought coffee grounds as they are not very fresh. The better alternative is to buy whole coffee beans and grind them yourself.

Origin of Coffee

The best thing about the pour-over method is that you can use any type of coffee to make a perfect cup. So, what it all narrows down to are your likes and dislikes. If you think the origin of coffee beans doesn’t matter, you’ll be surprised by this next piece of information.

A bag of your favorite coffee may include single-origin beans or a blend of them from multiple regions. Single-origin beans usually have a distinct and unaltered flavor. While the blend offers flavors and aromas toned down to create a perfect combination not too confusing for your tastebuds.

Roast Levels

The other essential factor that largely influences your coffee’s final flavor and aroma is the type of roast. There are three standard roast levels manufacturers use: light, medium, and dark.

If you’re looking for a bright floral and fruity taste, you should choose coffee beans with a lighter roast. This is the most common roast among pour-over lovers. It gives your coffee more acidity and a soft body.

Next is the medium roast that is responsible for a more nutty and caramel taste in your coffee. It also offers a bit more sweetness and lower acid levels. Your cup of coffee will also have a slightly toasted flavor, perfect for those that dislike the bitterness of coffee.

However, if you appreciate this unique bitter taste, a dark roast is what you need in life. It has a more bold flavoring inclined towards being chocolaty and nutty. This type of coffee is capable of keeping you awake for days without once letting you blink an eye.


1. Does pour-over brew give you a more caffeinated drink? 

This is certainly only a myth, as the brewing method has no significant impact on the amount of caffeine in your final cup. The only two factors that determine caffeine levels are the type and amount of coffee you use. 

2. Is the pour-over method healthy for you?

To some extent, the pour-over method can be healthier than the french press. This is because the filters remove an excessive amount of oil which results in lower cholesterol levels. This minimizes the chances of heart disease and leads to overall improved health. 

3. Is it better to use pre-ground coffee for pour-over?

You can use the pour-over method for all types of coffee. However, to get the most flavor, you should avoid using pre-ground coffee. It is usually not fresh and gives a bit of a bland taste. Grinding coffee yourself will provide you with that smooth and decadent cup of coffee you’re craving. 

4. Why does pour-over coffee taste bitter?

The first thing you should know about coffee is that it will always taste bitter no matter what method you use. However, the level of bitterness can vary depending on certain factors. When your pour-over coffee gives an undesirable amount of bitterness, switch to finer ground. Even though you can best make this coffee using a medium grind, you wouldn’t want to make your taste buds suffer.


With all the information in this article, finding the perfect coffee beans for pour-over should be effortless. Especially since you now know the 5 best beans that many coffee enthusiasts use!

However, if you’re still having a hard time, you don’t necessarily have to pick one and stick with it for the rest of your life! Have fun experimenting with new flavors and roasts to get the most out of your morning brew!

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